Saturday, 26 December 2009

Getting serious

My recent writing slow-down has prompted me to examine the reason my novels tend to tail off at the 25-30K mark. I know this is because I lose the desire to write, but the question is why. I think the simple fact is that I give up and find it easier to start something new than to slog through the 'boring' stuff that is the sections of novel between the exciting bits.

This clearly has to stop if I ever want to get published. I have to finish a novel before it can go to the editor, agents and whatnot.

So I have come up with a Cunning Plan:
I am going to write 250,000 words during the course of 2010

This equates to 685 a day, 4,795 a week, or 20,550 a month (give or take). This is a minimum goal - meaning I want to write more but I'm going to go easy on myself once these goals are achieved for the day/week/month. After and not before.

I, therefore promise the following:
  • to write 700 words a day before I do anything else on the laptop. No forum-browsing, no checking of emails; nothing.
  • to get voice-recognition software and a decent headset.
  • to spend the time the kids are at school in a responsible manner - going on the internet for research and not socialising.
  • to give myself permission to write rubbish. As long as it's words, it's good.
Not resolutions, but promises.

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