Sunday, 16 January 2011

Snippet Sunday

I've decided to start sharing little excerpts from my WIPs every Sunday. Partly so you can read them and partly to be accountable for, you know, actually writing something.

The following segment is from the third chapter of Out of Nowhere. Kara, having been denied help by Nath has taken things into her own hands and stolen his ship. Unfortunately her planet of choice is not a safe place and he's had to come to rescue:
“Okay, you’re done with your idiot quota for the day,” he panted at her. “Now can we go before we both end up dead?”

Kara twisted out of his grip. “I’m getting help!”

“You’re coming back now!” He waved his left hand. “Or had you failed to notice how dangerous it is here? Do you want to get raped?”

That made her pause, though she still glared at the reminder. A snap echoed through the street. He reeled as a blow hit his shoulder. Had she hit him? Her face was a mask of horror.

“Oh God, you’re hit!”

With Kara's cry came a sharp, sickening pain that blinded him. He blinked and focused on her face. She stood over him – and when had he fallen to his knees? – white-faced and on the verge of full-scale panic.

“We need – to get out – of here.” He managed to get a foot under him and stood. Shock made his legs tremble. Kara grabbed his arm and steadied him.

“There’s two more,” she said in a hoarse whisper. He nodded.

“I know. Can you remember the way back to the Cruiser?”

“Yes, but-”

“For God's sake, woman!” He glared at her, then shoved her in the direction they’d just come. “Do as you're told for once and bloody run.”

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