Friday, 22 October 2010

Writing for fun

I have a confession - I write fan fiction.

Some of those reading this blog will already be aware of this. Others will not. Some will, no doubt, tut and mutter about a waste of time, an infringement of copyright and half a dozen other reasons that I've weathered since 1999.

Maybe it's all of those, but it's also something else - really good fun.

Lately, I've found myself writing fanfic based on Stargate SG1 again, with one small adaptation. I suppose that, after exposing myself to certain episodes, it was a given that I would gravitate to the resident Bad Guy. Especially since this particular Bad Guy specialises in snark and natty outfits that are heavy on the black leather. (Also especially since a Google search of the actor in question brought up a half-naked photo - yum!)

His name is Baal. He's a bossy little whatsit who is single-handledly responsible for me churning out 29,350 words this month. And it's still coming (I have a fic that's currently 12K+ and not complete).

Of course on the first of November, I'll be in Proper Author mode and start on my lovely sci fi noir story. It's sat at the back of my mind, simmering nicely. I want to start on it, but right now I'm happy to just doss about and have a little fun.


  1. Ohhhh Baal! When he speaks with his non-Goa'uld voice, I melt. O:) Ahem. Anyhoot, I did come here to comment for a reason--

    I was once, and in ways still am, in the crowd against fan fiction. Outside of a few well-written Farscape ones, I've found they just don't interest me as much as the shows/books themselves.

    HOWEVER, fanfic should not be discounted. After all, the collections of Star Trek/Star Wars novels lining bookstores' scifi shelves are at their core, fan fic.

    My attitude towards the genre is this: Entertainment. Writing practice. Both = great, so why dismiss it because of copyright? They serve their purpose, for fans and as writers.

    I'm considering writing some myself, as a way to practice expressing character voices not of my creation. A handy tool for a future screen-writer.

    Besides, it beats drafting something out of nothing as a prompt response--those things are either a blessing or curse!

  2. Baal is just delicious and I'm having tremendous fun with him.

    The problem with fanfic is that it can be poorly written and fans tend to lap up whatever is out there. This is wher my dislike of slash comes from - because the plots are thin and the characters are [usually] unrecognisable.

    But yes, tie-in novels and comics are basically fanfic. There's a huge market if you can get your foot in the door. I'd still kill to write Crais for BOOM! but I don't think it's really going to happen.

    Writing someone else's characters is something I consider a privilege, and I'm always very concerned with staying close to canon while exploring different aspects of their character. The biggest compliment I've gotten was someone telling me that they liked reading my Crais as much as they enjoyed watching him onscreen.

    When I get reviews like that, I know I'm doing my "job" right.