Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Countdown to NaNo: Five Days to Go

After waiting almost all of October for Scrivener, I wasn't very impressed by the offering and so am using yWriter as usual. I'd use StoryBook, but for the annoying tendancy to label scenes with the actual day.

So the project file is started and saved, automatic saving enabled and my word count target set up. Time to start filling in the blanks. Today I'm concentrating on characters.

My MMC is Nath Valentine, the black sheep of a mobster family, living at the butt end of the galaxy in an attempt not to get involved. The FMC is Kara Montford, a diplomat trying to bring law and order to a gang war-torn solar system who quite literally crashes into Nath's life. Then we have Lucas Stewart, officer in the largely ineffectual galactic police who's been trying to close Nath's establishment for years and challenger for Kara's affections. There is also a small cast of secondary and incidentary characters who need names/development, which I've not really gotten around to as yet.

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