Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Happy New Year!

No, I'm not three months early but rather celebrating the new school year. Hubby has just left, kids in tow, and a great silence has descended over my house for the first time in six long weeks.

I'm going to take a while to bask in the quiet, then get to work.

My word count goal for September is 30K, of which I have about 2 so far. I desperately need to rack that up to something decent and here's how it's shaking down:

To Recover the Satellites - I've reached the First Encounter scene between Corin and Ella. This is tricky, because there are issues that need covering but I also have to remember that he's just come round after nearly dying and is still very ill. I need to get this scene down and out of betas, then I can move on.

Maps and Legends - I have 50K of brain vomit written during NaNo '08 to sift through. Some can be saved with a good edit, some is shite and needs dumping as such. I also have half an outline that needs clarifying. M&L is an erotic fantasy that has three volumes of roughly 50K a piece. I'd like to get volume one is some semblence of order before November, as I'm now planning on writing volume two for this year's NaNo.

And I may have submissions to deal with, depending on whether Spectra pick up To Reach the Dawn or not.

So that's September accounted for, then.


  1. Someone else who starts the year with school-starts. I thought I was the only one.

  2. Ah! Something the kiddo-less don't think about. Quiet, blissful quiet. :)

    Happy writing and best wishes knocking out that other 28K this month. Hey, it's only a little over 1K a day, right?

    Love your titles, BTW.