Sunday, 27 June 2010

I am an anarchist

So Clarion's Write-a-Thon has started, and I'm busily doing some research to create the name of my universal government. Since copyright will whoop my ass if I use "Peacekeepers", it's time to navigate to and throw a few words in its general direction.

Scratching off the serial numbers is a fun, if time-consuming process. I've not just stripped down to the bones, but even rearranged the skeleton. There are elements that some fans will recognise, but the basic ideas are those that have been told in stories for ever and a day.

The Directive of TRtS is a government in its final days. If wide-spread corruption wasn't bad enough, they're about to face the most fearsome enemy yet... and they're going to fail.

Dismantling a government is almost as fun as scratching off serial numbers.

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  1. "Since copyright will whoop my ass if I use 'Peacekeepers'"

    ;D Such a good title, too, that one is. Thankfully I'm revising my reality-based novel atm, so naming Nazi-governments is a task for another day.

    Good luck with the write-a-thon. You sound like you're off to an amazing start. :)