Friday, 19 March 2010

A Somewhat Personal Post

Today saw me attend a second appointment at the mental health clinic.

Depression has been something with which I've struggled since the birth of my second child, when I suffered post natal depression. I have severe mood swings and can go from happy to very down quickly. The periods also last for longer spells. My recent non-writing is a symptom of a downswing.

Anyway, the doctor at the clinic is going to refer me to a sort of art therapy place. It does proper lessons in various crafts, including creative writing. Obviously I'm going to do that, and they also do an art course that I'm interested in. I want to get back into my drawing, even if I'm not terribly good at it.

Intake is every six weeks, so I'm looking at the end of April. That works fine, because it'll be after the Easter holidays and means I won't have an interruption.

The other "prescription" I have is to get out of the house for at least ten minutes a day. She was also very pleased to hear about my Beetle project, because that gives me a focus. It's a holistic approach to dealing with my problems and that is exactly what I wanted.


  1. Hi Misaditas. Sorry to read of your setback, but as a fellow SFR writer who's struggled through stalls and meltdowns with my novels, I can totally relate. I've come to accept it all as "just part of the process." Kudos to you for taking an active role in getting revitalized and back to tackling your work with these positive and self-empowering steps. And besides, the art therapy sounds like fun!

    Best wishes for a quick bounce-back. :)

  2. Many wishes on this endeavour! *HUGS* too. Depression is a wretched thing to deal with, but the art therapy sounds like a great solution. :)

    Keeping you in my thoughts,