Monday, 28 February 2011


Oh you guys! 42 comments on my opening paragraph - I'm utterly overwhelmed!

For those wondering: yes, I really did write that down in five minutes, though I was much longer in planning. That's still ongoing, and there's an outline sorely in need of writing as I get my head around the details.

Professor Flinders-Petrie is (or was) a real person. An English Egyptologist, he was responsible for discovering sites such as Naukratis, Tanis and Abydos (the Egyptian city not the planet, heh). More on Flinders-Petrie for the curious.

I know very little about archaeology, so this is going to be an interesting learning curve. Especially as what I do know comes from Stargate SG1. It has something to do with magnets...

Joking! I know more than that, I swear.


  1. Have you ever been to Egypt? I went nearly 20 years ago as a college student and it was a life-changing experience. It was a completely different world and like nowhere I'd visited before.

  2. I haven't, no. It's on my list of places to go, though clearly not right now...

  3. That's awesome. Can't wait until next Sunday to read more ;)

  4. That's the kind of paragraph that really hooks a reader; nicely done.

    And congrats on reaching your February W1S1 goals!