Sunday, 20 February 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 20 Feb '11

Sci fi romance

Dusk brought the already cold temperature down even further as the sullen red sun sank beyond the horizon, taking the scant heat of day with it and freezing the snow-covered sidewalks. It made them precarious unless one had the right footwear.

The spikes on the underside of Lucian's boots broke through the crust of ice, the echo of the crunch rebounding off the surrounding buildings. It was the only sound that broke the still air, but he paid it no attention: too wrapped in misery at his parents' betrayal and despair at his fate.

A freezing fog billowed, chilling his lungs. Night was not a good time to be abroad, but he had nowhere to go since he refused to return to his ancestral home, empty now except for memories he did not want to revisit. He had no plan, no hope.



  1. Very nice! I can hear Lucian's spiked boots crunch through the ice and feel the sting of the frigid air. Lovely use of senses, and how the surroundings tie in to his thoughts of being isolated and shut off from his past.

    Is this a SFR? Great six.

  2. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. Vivid and evocative.

  3. Thank you both :)

    @Laurie: Yes, it's SFR. Hopefully I'll have it finished for Samhain's current anthology call.