Thursday, 10 February 2011

Progress and Plotting

Look at my progess bar! Looooook at it! One week in and I'm a third of the way through Ironhaven. The deadline is looming (in my mind) though I'm trying my best to ignore it and just write.

Of course, hiccups occur. Today I realised that from tomorrow, my eldest three kids are off school. This is a Problem. It's much harder to concentrate on writing when there's bouncing off the walls and playing on the Wii going on around me.

As I chatted to the awesome Lori this morning and purused my outline, I also realised that I had a sex scene looming. If writing normal scenes is hard with kids asking for toast/a drink/a smack then writing sex scenes is nigh on impossible.

So, with outline in hand, I skipped ahead. The build up is full of angst (my FMC is scarred and scared of rejection) and the actual sex scene is more emotional than explicit. I knew that I needed to have full concentration to make both scenes work. I've written the build up and started on the actual sex. That'll be completed tomorrow, before the kids finish an hour earlier than they should do (nicely jabbing a hole in the plans to Go Out and have a Meal with Hubby).

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