Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Writing is a business...

Today I finally bit the bullet and emailled SpectraMagazine.

Spectra is where I subbed To Reach the Dawn back in August. At the time, they were saying that all "first wave" subs would be read by mid-September. This then moved to the end of September. On 28th September I received an automatic notice that they were reading my fic.

So I waited. And waited.

The other day I realised that there's been no activity on their website since 4th October. I asked a few friends, who all say "email them". I held back, not wanting to appear rude (even though Spectra said "before October" as a hear-back date).

Today I realised they've not updated Twitter since the start of October either. Spectra is a new publisher with only two editions put out. I've assumed that the worst has happened and, after several deep breaths, emailled them:
I am quite concerned that I've had no news on my fiction submission "TO REACH THE DAWN".

Could you please let me know whether it's accepted or not? If I don't hear by 10th November I shall withdraw my fiction in order to submit elsewhere.

Thank you for your time
I HATED having to do that, but writing is a business. While TRtD is on sub to them, I can't sub it elsewhere. I can't get it published or earn from it. Therefore, email *sighs*


  1. Let us know what transpires. It's always a little sad when a start-up hits the dirt.

  2. I would have definitely done what you did. It's been weeks... You deserve an answer.