Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Why I'm Supporting the Clarion Write-a-Thon

I'm not American. I'm a British writer that's been to the States just once, to attend a sci fi convention. So why, you ask, am I supporting an American writers' group such as Clarion?

There are few writers' groups in the UK. The closest to me is in Manchester city centre, but my other commitments plus a lack of transport means I'm pretty much stuck at home. The writers I chat to are those on websites - Absolute Write and StringingWords amongst others.

And while I wring my hands and look at places like Clarion and wish, I know even if I was in San Diego or Seattle, or even Brisbane, Australia that I couldn't afford to get in without a sponsor.

So that's why I'm doing the Write-a-Thon. To help raise funds to support writers who are close to Clarion's sites but can afford the workshops. I also hope that British support might encourage Clarion to expand to the UK.

If you've ever struggled through a piece of prose on your own, if you've ever wished that you could just talk to someone about writing, then please help me support Clarion.

Thank you.

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