Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A little writerly progress

Yesterday, sometime after 10pm, I finished the rough draft of Seiren Shadows, an original erotic dark fantasy short written for submission to Three Crow Press. It has now winged its way to Aggy for beta and I'm waiting on hers as the return favour.

It's over the 3K word limit, but only just, and I figure by the time it's been edited that it should sit nicely under and be all shiny into the bargain.

I'm not sure how I feel (except a little cold, but that's because I'm in my PJs). I think I expected to feel something of an achievement, but I don't. Hm. Maybe because pulling 3K stories out of my head isn't exactly new, though them being original is. Or maybe because finishing is only one of a few hurdles I have to make it over. Who knows?

Submission deadline is the 15th. TCP state a three-week turn around. Renumeration is a cent a word, so it should make me around 30USD, which equates to £18. Little more than pin money, but it's not the cash - it's the credit.

I have to start somewhere. Apparently this start is a 3K piece of smutty filth. There's something very fitting about that *g*

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