Friday, 9 October 2009

Welcome to my Blogger Blog!

Though I have a blog on my own website, I decided that since there are a lot of writers, publishers and agents to log onto Blogger as well.

Who am I?

Well I'm Helen to my husband, Mummy to my five children, and misaditas to just about everyone else. I am a writer... of several things. I began with fan fiction (something I still write) and graduated to original fiction during JaNoWriMo 2008. I'm also a huge sci fi geek.

What do I Write?

Science fiction, mainly. I have two sci fi novels in progress, as well as several fan fictions based in the Farscape universe. The other genre I dabble in is fantasy. I find both genres are great for indulging my imagination.

I also write articles for ScapeCast (unpaid but worth it for the buzz!).

Other Stuff

As well as all that I run a writing site - StringingWords - but writing isn't all I do, honest! After all, I have five kids (yes, five and yes, I've heard all the jokes *rolls eyes*).

I love anything creative. I cross stitch, knit and sew. I've make beaded jewellery and I've got into making my own glass beads (indulging my love for shiny things). My parents bought me a candle-making set for my birthday, which I've yet to do but I'm reading all kinds of interesting articles and tutorials on that.

What This Blog is About

Writing and the process of getting words onto paper/screen. I'll be sharing my own progress, especially when NaNo rolls around, as well as links to anything I find helpful.

Eventually, I hope to report on the process of writing to publication, but before I can do that I need to finish one of my many, many WIPs (I am very easily distracted, heh).

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