WIP: To Recover the Satellites

Title: To Recover the Satellites
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Length: 100,000 words (est.)

Sypnosis: When Commander Corin Arrack dares to circumvent Protectorate regulation, he has no idea that everything he’s ever known is about to collapse around him. His ship is attacked by aliens, killing the crew and leaving him for dead.

Meanwhile, Ella Skye is fleeing for her life when the path of her ship converges with Corin’s. Horrified by the dead, she chooses to rescue him despite his violent history and the misgivings of her crew.

Oil and water, Corin and Ella must put aside their differences in order to unite the remnants of the military with a handful of rebels and mercenaries: the last hope to save the galaxy from the alien threat.

The sharp tang of antiseptic in the infirmary made Ella's eyes sting. She blinked away the automatic tears. When her vision cleared, she set her gaze on the only occupied bed in the room.

Corin Arrack was still unconscious, his skin grey and bloodless. He lay amongst a tangle of wires and tubes that monitored his vital signs and pumped a variety of fluids into his battered body. A silver sheet covered him from mid-torso, hiding the straps around his wrists and ankles: for all his injuries, no one had forgotten what he was.

Protectorate Commander, trained soldier.

Born killer.